making adjustments


IMGP2434.jpgIMGP2435.jpgzelda and my first afternoon on our own in a while went pretty smoothly.  while i was hopeful for a nap when she wanted to snuggle in my chair with me, a switch flipped and she was off and running after about a half an hour.  luckily a tutu i had ordered almost three weeks ago (after she threw a fit about having to leave the blue princess dress she was wearing at daycare behind when gma kitty picked her up) showed up and it was a great distraction.  then zelda started talking about jumping rope and i remembered she had one in the garage from her birthday so we headed out there so she could jump, run and ride her bike.IMGP2437.jpgIMGP2451.jpgIMGP2459.jpgjumping rope was semi-successful.  she was able to twirl it with me holding one end or lay it down and jump over the rope, but when she tried to swing it over her head it never quite made it over.  oh well, we had fun and now we have something we can do while our “outside” time together for the rest of this month is really in the garage.IMGP2526.jpgIMGP2522.jpgi also got back behind the wheel again last night.  we took a drive to drop off library books and i was able to drive home without complications.  i can also buckle and unbuckle zelda from her seat, but she’ll have to climb in and out it herself.  i may attempt the daycare drop off and pick up tomorrow.  it would be nice if i could do that as it leaves zach a little more time in his day.  either way, it’s nice to know that if i needed to drive that it is a viable option. and speaking of driving, zelda did a great job of driving larry around the garage yesterday after she figured out that he and her both couldn’t sit in the seat if he was in a bowl. it’s hard to explain the laws of physical space to a two year old – best to let her try until she figures it out on her own. once both of them were on the bike, zelda took great care of larry letting him know when she was going to ride over a bump.IMGP2492.jpgIMGP2553.jpgIMGP2483.jpgIMGP2591.jpgIMGP2594.jpg