march recap


IMGP2355.jpgIMGP2360.jpgit’s been a little quiet here on the blog the past two or three weeks.  gma kitty was here helping us out and the days seemed to just melt away.  it was so nice to have an extra set of hands and legs that work around here, especially that could take zelda to and from daycare.  zelda enjoyed her time with gma kitty immensely.  it seems so quiet in the house now without the calls of “mama kitty, where are you?” and “come, mama kitty, come.”  we are very happy zelda got to spend so much time with her gma and hopefully next time it won’t be the result of broken bones.  IMGP2316.jpgIMGP2337.jpg IMGP2297.jpgpop pop (aka grandpa) rolled in last tuesday and got to spend the week with us before they both headed back to iowa last night.  zelda quickly was calling “pop pop where are you?” and saying “come, pop pop, come.”  i’m sure gma kitty appreciated the deflection so she had a moment to sit and rest after her weeks with our energetic z.  again, it was a wonderful chance for them to spend time together.  also pop pop helped us out finishing up our backsplash.  a big thanks to him as that project was dragging along with my limited ability to go use the tile saw in the garage.

my birthday was also last week on tuesday, which ended the ice cream hiatus i had imposed while 34.  so now,  i’m officially 35 and eating ice cream again.  life is good.  i am certainly old enough to know better about most things, but i still have a lot to learn.  i think the next year will be great.IMGP2292.jpgIMGP2306.jpgIMGP2309.jpgsunday we hosted meg’s broken birthday brunch.  we had a lot of our friends over, tons of tasty food and drink.  it was very nice to get a chance to have zach’s parents meet or re-meet a lot of our friends and zelda’s too that are so central to our life in alaska.
IMGP2386.jpgIMGP2412.jpg IMGP2429.jpgso today we return to the daily grind missing our help and readjusting to the quiet, but also happy to have had the time with family and friends these past weeks.  it’s been a special time and one we hope we can have again soon.