2.5 years old

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IMGP2033.jpgIMGP2034.jpgtoday zelda turns 2.5 years old or 30 months, but counting in months now seems too babyish for our robust little girl. however, the month computation is reflective of how the time has felt, the longest 30 months of our life, yet the shortest 2.5 years. to capture this time, we did a small portrait session with the inducement of wearing new tutus. gma kitty brought the beautiful polka dot dress and ebgma picked up the fun spring time dress for zelda while we were in nyc.
we also asked her for her thoughts on some different topics.
mama: what’s your favorite color?
zelda: brown (although we suspect it may really be pink or purple)
mama: how old are you?
zelda: two!! (holding up her index finger to indicate the number)IMGP2089.jpgIMGP2118.jpgIMGP2075.jpgmama: what’s your favorite food? pizza?
zelda: hummus
mama: hummus or cookies?
zelda: cookies
mama: cookies or candy?
zelda: candy
mama: candy or ice cream?
zelda: candyIMGP2177.jpgIMGP2168.jpgIMGP2215.jpgmama: is zelda big or tiny?
zelda: tiny
mama: what do you want to be when you grow up?
zelda: happy!

Libby says:

So adorable. 🙂