my mornings with zelda


i thought i’d share a little about the time from when zelda wakes up until i leave her at daycare. zach’s been able to sneak out early most mornings leaving just the two of us. it’s becoming a special time for us. i think we’ve established a fun, but steady routine.IMGP1245.jpg today zelda did not wake up until i opened her door and turned on her light. she curled further into her blankets and said “no, mama, i’m sleepy.” i left her door open but the light off and she then sauntered out about 5 minutes later. almost first thing she was wanting a shower. today she showered solo while i supervised. good thing we picked a hairstyle for the week that can withstand the water as we forgot the shower cap. IMGP1250.jpg after a shower its time to use the potty and get dressed. today was all about matching. she matched her kitty shirt to her underwear and socks and then her purple kitty socks to her purple shoes. once dressed she was ready for breakfast. we’ve been on a frozen blueberry waffle kick. zelda likes them because she can pack the cut up pieces to go and eat the last bites at daycare. today she also wanted some banana, which she cut up herself. image.jpeg
once breakfast is done, it’s time for coats and heading out to the car. as i was buckling zelda into her seat today she said “happy, daddy is happy.” cutest thing. i like that she generally leaves the house in a good mood and ready to go to school. as we pull into daycare we say “good morning school” and then head into the classroom. there zelda takes a seat with her to go waffle, which today was only three pieces since she otherwise finished it on the ride over, and i check her cubby for odds and ends. then its hugs and noses kisses and zelda is off to play with her classmates until i come and get her after lunch.