and the plans go out the window



my “this stinks” face when talking options over with zach last night


zelda tentatively willing to climb into my lap. the cast worried and freaked her out a bit last night.

well, yesterday did not go as planned. actually it did until about noon when i stepped off the back garage step and fell (read: tripped by stealthy ninjas). once to the doctor the verdict was that i have broken my heel and another bone in my foot. the real bummer is i’m off that foot for 3 months. obviously there will be no 1/2 marathon for me, but i’ll be there ready to cheer zach on. also trying to do this with a toddler is a lot different than last time, when we just had dogs.watching princess bride to take my mind off other things... :(i think what adds insult to injury as well is that it’s my right foot, which a lot of folks know as my good foot since i broke my left ankle and foot pretty seriously about 5.5 years ago, so i can’t drive. that makes a lot of what i do during the day impossible to accomplish.

zelda is a little less scared of my cast especially once i asked her to add some stickers.

there are a couple of upsides. first, our emergency plan worked like a charm. zach grabbed me, auntie karen grabbed our car and zelda and it all went off as smoothly as we could have hoped. second, once in the desk chair, i can roll around the house pretty well. also grandma kitty has gracious offered to come help us out for a while. and since i won’t be running and will be forced to be more still, i might as well complete the rosetta stone french program zach got me two years ago for christmas.

love my get well wishes from auntie karen & zelda

finally, a big shout out to our friend bob who dropped me off a cup of coffee today and to wonderful mr. z who is juggling all the tasks of our house and two parents with aplomb.