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this is a belated post/letter to zach that i had hoped to write prior to christmas as part of what i could give him as a gift, but when illness struck all zach ended up with was a t-shirt and a coffee mug (well actually two since it is so awesome his mom got him the exact same thing…great minds and all that).  since i am soon to be unemployed and have been underemployed for years, i can’t match zach’s generosity in terms of gift giving, but what i can do is let the world know how much i love him and what a great man he is.  so without further ado a letter to zach.
ChasiAnnexy_MG_3058-1600.jpgdear zach,

it’s been 10+ years since we started our adventure together.  my how the time has flown.  it’s hard to believe we’ve been in alaska for almost 9 of those years now.  what a leap of faith by us to come up here together and build a life together.  i’m glad we did it because its worked out much better than i thought it ever would and it hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve thrived here in alaska.  i’m glad you have been able to pursue and establish a career that seems very satisfying and that provides for our family.  it’s something you have worked hard for and deserve.  

speaking of family, we have one of three.  i never in my wildest dreams would have guessed this was the route our life would take.  but, hey, after seeing you get so baby crazy over all our friends’ kids (i seriously doubted you were going to give some of those babies back) it showed that you really wanted to be a dad and i’m glad we figured out a way to make that happen.  our family is the best and you are an amazing dad.  zelda loves her papa like no one else in the world and i enjoy sitting back and watching the two of you at every opportunity.
ChasiAnnexy_MG_3500-1600.jpgof course, besides being an awesome dad, you’re a great friend, my best friend actually.  i love spending time with you and just having you around.  i’m glad you put up with me and my whims and let’s be honest me in the morning, which i know can be unpleasant, especially until caffeinated.  you make me want to be a better person and from time to time i even try to make that happen.  you are kind and outgoing.  you genuinely want to help everyone with anything and ask little if anything in return.  it’s admirable how much you want to do for others, especially for me and zelda.
ChasiAnnexy_MG_3486-1600.jpgas this picture signifies with the addition of little z of course our time together some times has to take a back seat, but you are such a thoughtful husband that you arrange little dates and surprises for me.  i look forward to having more time in this new year to do some of the same for you, whether its simply surprising you with the dishes done when you arrive home or creating some date nights in after zelda (finally) turns in for the night.
ChasiAnnexy_MG_3470-1600.jpgregardless of what the next week, year or decade brings, i’m glad we’re in it together. we’ve built a pretty awesome life together full of adventure and with an amazing daughter.  here’s to you, my love, and the new year and all of the things it has in store for us.

love always,


miranda says:

You guys are so good together! Love these pictures of you three.