the gift of gab


fun times painting everything, including herself, on saturday morning.

fun times painting everything, including herself, on saturday morning.

zelda certainly has the gift of gab. since we arrived home from new orleans, she been talking pretty much non-stop. she is also starting to sing, which is the cutest thing ever.

here are some of the most frequent things she says besides repeating nearly everything we say.
1. my turn. this is zelda’s way of saying she wants to do it. of course, if she doesn’t want to do something, like hang up her coat, she tries to hand it to me and says “mama’s turn.”
2. help me, please.
3. i did it!
4. i want to eat.
5. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
6. good morning, mama. my personal favorite.
7. where’d (insert person or object) go? lately it’s been where’d moose go? we saw one out the window a week ago and she’s still looking for it.
8. no internet? she asks when she gets some time on the ipad. if there’s internet she knows she can access videos, but if there’s not, she has to stick with her apps.
9. whee! anytime we head downhill in the car, slide on some ice while walking or papa pushes her in her sled. i think she may be a thrill seeker.
10. i love you. this sounds more like “i you.”
11. z! or zoom! z is her favorite letter, which i guess is fitting.
12. boom! when she gives high fives.
13. i do! in response to questions of who likes X (ice cream, pears, gma kitty, mama, etc)
14. too tight! mentioned whenever zippers are up too high or when looking for pants (and while there was a pair of pants that was too tight, they’re not all too tight)
15. good morning! though sounds more like ‘goo mowning’, usually said through a huge smile.

IMGP0832-1600.JPGof course that’s just a sampling. it’s hard to keep up with what zelda is saying because she’s picking up new words and concepts so fast. this morning she figured out that bananas (and possibly apples) are fruit. i asked if she wanted fruit, she said yes. i asked if she wanted a banana, she said no, fruit. i said banana is fruit and she repeated it. then she said she wanted an apple.