making our world go ’round


no more pacifier! after we lost the last one, we didn’t buy another and the transition has been almost seamless. as i expected after about 3 days she found the last one in her room and was quite excited. “mama, baba, mama, baba!” she handed it to me and i looked at it and said see it’s broken (she had chewed through it) and that it should go in the trash. she made no fuss when i threw it away. zelda has proven that she’s a big girl, which we celebrated with painted toes.IMGP0896.jpgIMGP0897.jpg
while we may have sailed through the pacifier transition, nap time has gotten a bit challenging. 3 days of the last 5 days zelda skipped naps altogether. last night, after no afternoon nap, she was snoring before zach finished her bedtime story. today she was asleep in the car before we got from daycare. hopefully this transition figures itself out soon and we get on a schedule again. IMGP0990.jpg
this was how zelda looked when i finally gave up on nap yesterday. zelda has taken a new interest in her dress up suitcase. she’s mainly interested in scarves and bags in multiples. IMGP0996.jpg
speaking of transitions, today was my last day at work. i feel liberated and free and i am looking forward to setting up my own new schedule that includes yoga, being outside, relieving zach from having to run errands and getting into a bit of a domesticated routine in the afternoons (assuming zelda naps). my hope is this free us up in the evening to play as a family and then have some quiet adult time after zelda goes to bed without worrying about whether we have gotten everything done.

zelda also learned to play hide and seek from some friends. i think she’s hooked, but beware if you play with her and she’s the seeker, she counts to 10 fast – “1, 2, 3, 8, 9 – weddy or not here cowm.”

zelda’s emerging input into conversations mama and papa are having. last night zach and i were discussing dinner and she had the best idea, bacon! we had bla(vocado)ts and they hit the spot.

and finally and i really mean finally, we got eggs from our chickens. we’ve had these birds since may and no eggs. zach found 5 in the coop on sunday and i found 2 yesterday. i guess those birds heard us talking about cooking one of them up. that may still be the case, but we’ll want to figure out who is laying first. here we are testing the eggs to figure out if they are fresh or not. we found that 2 were about a week old, but the others were probably laid the day we found them. IMGP0968.jpgIMGP0970.jpg