i got a great set of notebooks for christmas, but i always wonder what to do with them. i’ve made some half hearted attempts at journaling before, but i can never keep it up. i just don’t know how to start. then the other day i got an idea while organizing our spice drawer. (stick with me, it ties together here very soon). i was labeling the new spice jars with address labels, the type you can print on your home printer and i thought, what if i made quick conversation starter or journal entry starter labels? i can choose a label or labels that seem to fit the day and jot in a note or two. i’ve made labels for the areas i want to be concentrating on and i’m sure more labels will be created as i go (click the image below for a larger view).

i hope i use these. i want to keep track of these days to be evaluate how things are going and how i was feeling and what i was thinking. this way of living (not employed and concentrating on family and home) is new to me and i want to be honest with myself about how it’s working.  like yesterday was great, but i tried to do too much and then fell behind getting dinner ready knowing zach had to run to a meeting by 6 and i ended up feeling frustrated that i was rushed, which is unfortunately what zach came home to – a frustrated me, which nobody wants.  the trick is remembering that, which i probably won’t since the lasting impression of the day was it was great – no potty accidents, ending the night with fun in the bath, a good video chat with uncle austin and then snuggling with zelda reading books.  i have some built in timelines for this new lifestyle where it will be time to look back and then either continue on, make small changes or start looking to get back into the workforce outside the home.  i’m hoping this will be a tool to help me honestly look back and provide some perspective when the time comes.