it’s all about being a big girl


IMGP1117.jpgIMGP1115.jpgIMGP1121.jpgIMGP1147.jpgthese days everything involving zelda is about being a big girl, not a baby. whether its wearing undies, which she now does any time she is not sleeping (and threw a fit when i tried to put her in a pull up for nap time yesterday) or using scissors and markers. she does it all because she’s a big girl or at least that’s what she’ll tell you.IMGP1129.jpgon the potty training front we’re lucky to have a day care teacher so willing to work with zelda. her only requirement is five changes of pants so that zelda stays in undies. yesterday she only went through 2 and they were her only accidents all day.IMGP1107.jpgthe big girl phase is a fun one. zelda definitely has an independent streak, but part of that also seems to be her doling out more hugs and kisses. right now as long as she’s in charge, she’s happy and generally mama and papa are too.