it’s a new year

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i’ve been ill and completely out of it since christmas eve. i’m just starting to restart and getting back to my usual endeavors. during my illness we did manage to eek out a christmas here at home for zelda on the 28th, but there really aren’t any pictures to share. same with new year’s eve, we did celebrate with some good friends, but again while i was there, i wasn’t much of a participant. pictures i snapped from my iphone in nola are here and zach’s aren’t in one place, but can be spotted here and we have more once we get to cleaning off the camera cards, which will happen some day.

moving into the new year, we started a new project. we are trying to take a picture of each of us once a week for each of the 52 weeks. we always get at least a couple of pictures of zelda each week, but we don’t always capture zach or myself. it will be fun to see the year long transformation, how much we each change or stay the same. i can tell i’m starting the new year just off illness. those black circles under my eyes just don’t lie.

MAZ 1/52.jpg

quick selfie today so i didn’t fall behind in making sure we get a picture of each of us each week.

ZJZ 1/52.jpg

while so photogenic, this is what i get when i stick a camera in zach’s face.

ZZZ 1/52.jpg

loves to brush her teeth and does a great job!

also, like last year i’ve adopted a theme for the new year. last year’s was hone as in hone my skills. i tried hard to be better at a few things, primarily being a mental health lawyer, but we know where that ended up. i did hone my cake making skills with two weddings and nine cakes made, plus a pretty awesome cake for zelda’s birthday. so i’ll say i met at least one big goal last year in really advancing my cake making skills. this year my word is connectedness. i got a jump start by joining facebook, but whatever has been rekindled or jump started through that forum will hopefully end up being more than a bunch of likes and posts and the start of something more with some old friends and new and some that aren’t even on facebook. i’ll continue to hone my cake making skills this year with three cakes already on the roster – one on 19th for a 2nd birthday, one on the 1st of february for a 1st birthday and three on the 21st of february for a 50th birthday. each one should be fun to make and i’m happy to be a part of each person’s special day. they are all dear folks to me. connectedness through cake? sounds like a delicious idea to me.