free hair friday – second haircut


zelda’s hair has been a little neglected since i was ill for the past couple of weeks.   we did do a wash and style last weekend, but heading into this weekend, i decided that it was time again for a professional to take a look at zelda’s hair as her first haircut was just a little over a year ago.  this time the stylist didn’t blow out zelda’s hair, but instead meticulously went through her curls detangling tiny sections to evenly trim the ends and then went through a second time finger detangling and doing a little more trimming.  all told, zelda had about 1/4 inch trimmed off her ends.  the whole process took an hour and a half.
IMGP0826-1600.jpgall that time in our home style chair has paid off as zelda was very patient throughout the process.  also zelda’s hair is very healthy.  yay!  i learned that i could be more liberal in applying conditioner so that zelda’s hair is white with conditioner until it fully soaks in about 10 minutes later.  the result is so cute, don’t you think?