first day of freedom


vIMNI.AuSt.7.jpgthis morning was pretty great. i think i can get into a good routine during time zelda is in daycare in the mornings. this morning i opted for a run at the health club attached to zach’s office and even got the surprise of seeing him right next to the parking spot i chose. then it was off on an errand easier run without zelda. then home where i had a nice peaceful breakfast and a second cup of coffee and a little computer time. next up are a few chores – fed the chickens, laundry, etc. – before going to get zelda from daycare. this afternoon i hope to work on a sewing project, but that assumes zelda will nap. we made promises of her going swimming with papa tonight if she napped as an incentive, but we also tried that on monday and she opted for no swimming and no nap. tonight i cap my day off with a gentle yoga class, all laying down and seated postures, which will be just the thing since i burnt my lefthand yesterday and it’s too sore for downward dogs or any other hand weight bearing poses.

isn’t that picture gorgeous. it was from monday’s sunrise. i spent some time gazing at it monday in the parking lot on the way into my yoga class. i was almost late, but so were the others also watching who just could not move away from such a magnificent site.