fighting the bedtime blues


zelda is very resistant to going to bed right now.  she’ll rest (ie – play) in her room after daycare, but doesn’t usually sleep.  the lack of naps catches up with her until she’s falling asleep on the car ride home from daycare after a couple of no nap days.  we’re now encountering the same difficulties at bedtime.  last night was a screamer and lasted well after 10pm.  today her daycare teacher commented that zelda must be tired because she was easily frustrated and would cry.  that’s not like zelda at all.12112204875_3461f4234e_h.jpgso tonight we start a stricter bedtime routine, perhaps even using a timer. here’s the rundown:
7:30 it’s bath time for 15 minutes
7:45 its pjs and a special bedtime snack of 3 crackers with peanut butter or cheese and some milk
7:55 its brushing teeth
8:00 sharp we’re in her bed reading stories
8:30 it’s one final kiss and good night then lights out12112163215_e4880fe9fc_h.jpgof course after the lights are out, there’s nothing to stop zelda from opening her door and standing at the baby gate that keeps her in and yelling or shaking the gate. that will be the test for mama and papa, not to go to her, not to respond. it will be a lot like when she had to cry it out in her crib, which after about 3 days she was in a good routine. let’s hope this goes as smoothly.