a very special birthday


IMGP0875-1600.jpg today is a special day. zelda’s birth mom turns 25. of course without her, zelda wouldn’t be in our lives, but it’s much more than that. we love zelda’s birth mom for the person she is. if we’d met her under other circumstances we wouldn’t have been able to resist her charms. 9944512575_42f484023c_h.jpgi will forever be impressed with how calm, collected and talkative she was the day we met. she had a plan and she was ready to go. she had a few questions for us, but not what you’d think. she wanted to know if we had questions about being new parents. did we have a name picked out? what could we use for a baby gift? she was also able to articulate exactly why she choose us. something i have greatly appreciated. her mom came also along for that meeting. another impressive woman. we were advised just before meeting that we shouldn’t discuss politics or religion or anything controversial, but that went out the window pretty quick. we shared some core values that was clear and by the end of our meeting it was just as if we had come to have lunch with family. 9673236419_77d7bfb184_h.jpg when we visit zelda’s birth family in dallas we have a great time. zelda and her brother get along great and they clearly love each other. they truly enjoy spending time together. the adults also pick up as if not much time has passed. 9673256579_7bcf1a51db_h.jpgzelda and her birth mom have a special relationship. i remember having a good bye lunch together before we left dallas to bring zelda back to alaska for the first time. zelda had come to recognize her mama and papa’s voices, but when her birth mom spoke she quickly turned her head recognizing her voice. likewise, zelda gravitates toward her birth mom when we visit. it is interesting to watch them interact and see some mannerism of zelda’s be the exact same as her birth mom’s, which isn’t surprising, but it’s always nice to learn a little more about zelda when things like that happen. zelda’s just starting to figure out family and she is clear that she goes with her birth family like she goes with us, her grandparents or aunts and uncles. it’s really special.

so join me in wishing zelda’s birth mom the happiest birthday. we hope its filled with love, family, friends, some relaxation and let’s be honest from one mama to another, a little adult time.