family photos


this last trip we decided we’d get family pictures taken. it was a great way to get updated family photos and to commemorate our trip. we took the photos in bryant park and at the main branch of the nyc public library. these are some of our favorites. more are still being processed and you can view everything that is processed here. i think we may use other trips in the future as opportunities to have our photos taken as a family. we couldn’t be more thrilled with how these came out!
i think the last time zach and i had our picture taken together by ourselves was just before we got married, more than 5 years ago was here, still three years ago, which is too long.
also, that great coat zelda is wearing is care of ebgma. it was the perfect city coat!

meg says:

thanks, kate! i love this too and think it would make a nice print or card:,1653489 for now, we’ve made it our desktop picture for the imac.

Kate says:

I LOVE the 2nd one, it should be your Christmas Card!