bayou sauvage


20131218-094432.jpgwe had most of tuesday to explore before we could get into our accommodations. after finding some coffee and doing a quick driving tour of a couple of neighborhoods, we headed out of town to bayou sauvage national wildlife refuge with lunch in tow. zelda was glad for the drive as it gave her a chance to nap. in fact, she never really woke up and even slept through the short walk we took along the boardwalks.
we had just been talking with friends a couple of nights back about things that lurk in the murk and there was definitely murk for things to lurk under here. as zach helpfully reminded me, probably alligators and snakes that wouldn’t necessarily stay in the water. i think we were fortunate not to see either.
we also learned that there may be wild pigs roaming about, which we also didn’t see, but i certainly would have welcomed before seeing a snake or alligator.