what’s up wednesday


just a few quick things to share since i am home ill today having inherited zelda’s cold.

this sweater is super cozy especially since i am not feeling well.  good thing i found one just like it in zach’s closet.

this book is really good.  it’s probably even better since i’ve been to st. paul island and not a whole lot has changed in the intervening 125+ years.
six days of silence?  its an intriguing idea, but i’m not sure how well i’d fare.

looking forward to a fancy date night while in nyc at the end of the month.  we’ll be dining here.

thinking of trying to pare down my yarn stash by whipping off some of these.  we always seem to need more dish towels.

i’ve put this blog into regular rotation.  so far everything we’ve made from here is super tasty.

and we continue to wonder where the snow is. if it stays away much longer it will be the latest its ever come.

a new app we’ve downloaded.  zelda and ourselves have enjoyed making these little friends.

and always something interesting to be found here.