our steady


20131113-135207.jpg around these parts, papa is our steady. he’s been my steady for 10 years now, but it’s times like yesterday that i am truly impressed with how steady zach is in the face of pretty much anything. while i’m exhausted both physically and emotionally over zelda’s medical ordeal yesterday, it seems like zach is unflappable. not only that, once we got home last night, while i snuggled up with zelda in front of a movie, he ordered a pizza, ran out to get it, and served us both on the couch. after zelda was in bed, we watched a quick show, he ran me a bath, which i took and promptly went to bed. zach meanwhile did some dishes and generally took care of things.  this morning he snuck out so early and quietly that i didn’t even notice he had gone, just so he could provide me a break to run to the dentist since i was otherwise at home with zelda today.
20131113-135151.jpg of course, its not only at times of extreme stress, but generally zach is the evenness this house needs. zelda has all the whims and temperaments of a full blown toddler. and some days i’m not much better, often feeling exhausted and that things are out of balance. i’ve read somewhere that men are just better at compartmentalizing and thus better at balancing various roles – employee, husband, father, etc. maybe that’s true since zach seems to do it with ease.
20131113-135230.jpg i think zelda knows and appreciates papa’s steadiness as much as myself. she gravitates to her papa for certain routines. when they do things like get ready for bed each night there is an ease there that i cannot replicate when papa is not at home or available.
20131113-135255.jpg so here’s to papa, our #1 steady. we love him and appreciate everything he does for us, and on days like yesterday especially the calming influence he has on our home.