nothing worse than a sick baby


yesterday was kind of frightening. zelda woke up in the middle of the night crying out and when we went to check on her, she was burning up. most of yesterday she held a steady fever between 103 and 104, which seemed to come out of nowhere unless her body decided to try to rid itself of that low level cold she’s had for weeks. throughout the morning zelda would shake from time to time and seemed very lethargic. by 11 a.m. i called zach home for backup and called the doctor. there’s something about a fever that makes me very nervous and i wanted another set of eyes on the situation. to me that’s the worst part of parenting, a feverish child. it worries me more even than when zelda has had to been hospitalized for a staph infection. i think its being at home and having to be the one to make the calls, hoping the thermometer is right, instead of in an environment where medical professionals are gathering the information and providing advice.
luckily 24 hours of ibuprofen and a tepid bath that zelda was not happy to take seemed to break the fever. zelda is home again today per school policy (24 hours fever free without medicine), but is starting to feel better. after getting up for some breakfast she did ask for an early nap, but at least the fever seems to be gone so now she can rest up and be ready to get back to our normal schedule tomorrow.

and lastly a big thanks to grandma kitty for being my on call backup that i could run things past. it’s always nice to hear the voice of experience tell you that what you are doing is fine and give you assurance that the situation under is control.

UPDATE – i finished writing the first post at 8:30 this morning, but then zelda cried out before i could press the publish button and started complaining of belly pain. we headed to the doctor at 10 a.m. and an hour later at the emergency room for chest and belly xrays. 5 hours later, i’m glad to report we are home and zelda has the medicine she needs to fight and beat the nasty infection that made her so sick. 20131112-175425.jpg20131112-175437.jpgit’s amazing how dramatically different she is when she is sick, its obvious something is wrong. and when she started feeling better after some medicine she was happily playing with papa.20131112-175505.jpg and by the time we left the hospital zelda was herself again, walking out of the emergency department, waving to the nurses and talking up a storm. the day has left everyone beat. it’s 6pm and zelda’s in bed and i’m not too far behind her.