muffins and snow on sunday


this weekend we finally got some snow, actually we got a lot of snow, probably about 7 inches. zelda was very excited about it and couldn’t wait to get out so we took a short adventure into the woods yesterday afternoon, but not before her and papa made some delicious banana nut muffins.
zelda loved her her snow pants for this year, which is great since we are planning for her to spend a good amount of time in them now that it will be more enjoyable to get back out for our afternoon walks or skis.IMGP9744-1600.JPGIMGP9747-1600.JPGi forget how quiet the snow can make everything. it’s a nice change after the blustery fall we had. also, its so light out with all of the white even though the sun won’t be up until just before 9 a.m.IMGP9772-1600.JPGIMGP9782-1600.JPGIMGP9788-1600.JPG