making our world go ’round


IMGP9940-1600.jpgIMGP9944-1600.jpgIMGP9951-1600.jpg i am back after 3 days away.  it’s amazing how much zelda changed in such a short time.  her vocabulary is off the charts and she is becoming quite the chatter box.  also, as i was smothering her in hugs and kisses when she woke up from her nap yesterday i noticed her face has changed a bit.  she looks so much like her birth mom, especially her smile.

papa put in power puffs and the part looks great and no one is worse for wear from the process.

IMGP9985-1600.jpg zelda found a few frozen high bush cranberries left in the woods.  so while i’m certain she’s happy to have her snow snacks back, she also has berries to munch on while on her outdoor adventures.

sleeping in on saturday morning was divine. while i miss my family while away, there’s no better treat for a mama than a quiet leisurely morning.
11019633083_27376537a9_z.jpg loving our new christmas cactus that flew home from juneau with me.
we are looking forward to our trip to nyc over thanksgiving and seeing ebgma!