free hair friday – 1st at home haircut


IMGP9692-1600.JPG i have been saying for weeks that zelda needs a haircut.  it has been almost a year since her last haircut.   today ended up being the day and i decided to do it myself at home.  once i resolved to do it, it really wasn’t too hard.  i sectioned her hair into some layers and combed it out, then snipped off the split ends. since she has so much hair its very forgiving and if its a little uneven, it’s certainly not noticeable. also her painting smock put on like a jacket makes a perfect haircutting cape.
IMGP9706-1600.JPG we had to get creative to make sure she looked straight ahead and at me while i cut her bangs.  her doll came in handy for that.
IMGP9707-1600.JPG once her hair was trimmed, i figured a quick and easy style was in order.  retro rolls are quick and don’t require a significant amount of parting and the parts don’t have to be very exact.  they turned out really cute.
IMGP9710-1600.JPG and the bow really made the ‘do.