dangling earrings


zelda realized over the weekend that my earrings are different than the ones she normally wears. mine often dangle and hers are posts. so when she asked for earrings this weekend, she wanted the ones that move. i was lucky to have been gifted a bunch of smaller dangling earrings made by bradie over the last year and they work perfectly . hint hint aunt bradie! consider this zelda’s order for some earrings. she likes purple (and cupcakes, but i’ve got those covered on my end). The Classic Wink Smiley

Dia says:

Thanks. I hadn’t heard of those brands, but will try them.

Dia says:

Hello. I love your blog! Zelda is soooo cute. I was wondering what kind of products you use on her hair? It’s so healthy looking.

meg says:

thanks! we work hard to keep zelda’s hair healthy. we like to use the it’s a curl and mixed chicks products. i try to stick with organic products since she’s so young so if she puts her hair in her mouth or grabs the product while i’m styling her hair (both of which happen with some regularity) i don’t have to worry too much. i also use avocado oil and water as a spritzer to moisturize as need and a generous amount of various oils that i apply straight to her hair when we leave it free for any extended period.