what’s up wednesday


zelda painting a present for her friend

zelda painting a present for her friend

yay! midterms are over. having two papers to write in two weeks reinforced that i am a very productive procrastinator. the house is clean. i’ve surfed countless hours on the internet and pinned to my hearts content, oh and watched the whole series of this show and started a new crochet project. however, in the end, the papers were written and i’m happy with the results. now its time to get back to regular life until finals strike in mid-december.

all that internet surfing made me want to share a few things, but since we don’t use facebook so we can’t just “like” things that then pop up here for others to see. so i think on wednesdays, at least most wednesdays, we’ll post links and other bits and pieces of what we are into, find interesting or otherwise think others may want to check out.

first up are a few pictures of zelda with the planter she made for grandma marla’s birthday.  we tried the ceramics shop where the items are pre-made and zelda just had to paint the item and then we pick it up a few weeks later.  it was fun, but overall zelda was more distracted with the other kids at the studio than interested in the painting.  it may not have helped that we went on talk like a pirate day.


next up, we are digging the new playground equipment across the street. zelda loves to go play at the park every chance she gets.

i’ve come across an interesting article on race and a few blogs about transracial adoption. the latter have left me feeling uneasy, but i’m not sure why, perhaps its just the informal nature of blogs. this book has come highly recommended so its all set to be ordered. we’re also going to be checking out this series on public tv.

zach suggested this recipe and we’ll be making this for dinner on saturday when we host some friends.

and finally, zelda has been talking and repeating up a storm. we’ve finally hit that time where we better watch what we say as one slip of the tongue could lead to her repeating a word over and over and over…and over again regardless of where we are or who we are with. and finally, finally, we thought we may have avoided the “no” phase, but no such luck. zelda is adamant about saying no these days. there’s a lot of “no”, “no please” often followed by “i wants”. i guess with the i wants it tempers the no’s. at least she tells us what she wants instead of what we are offering or trying to do.