what’s up wednesday



first, up is zelda’s new tutu.  its yellow!  hooray for end of the season halloween sales.  that brings the tutu count to 4, not counting every dress and skirt she owns also being called a tutu.

i found this article to correlate well with my reading of I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla and the author’s thoughts on race at the preschool level.  by the way, the book is really good so far.  i managed to find it at the library so i didn’t  have to wait for it to arrive.

we also learned a little lesson about skin color in the past couple of weeks, buying  bath crayons that are meant for kids to color on their skin.  oops, they didn’t show up on zelda and she was confused, but luckily they work just fine on the tub.


i also checked out this book of poetry, which is very unlike me, to select poetry that is, but i was pulled in by the sparse cover and the title.  it deals with some metaphysical issues that i find interesting.

i learned a little more about sufism from a homestead blogger i read.

are chefs scavenging food from your property?

speaking of food, we made this chocolate pumpkin torte for a dinner party last saturday.  it was very good.

zelda really enjoyed watching this halloween special, a mix of various cartoons all themed around halloween.  as much as adults make fun of barney, it really resonates with toddlers.  zelda was singing and dancing along.

zach found this frosty article interesting and has his eye on this tiny car.

zelda and papa have been practicing their yoga moves after i brought home a book about yoga from the library.