playing games


we recently purchased a couple of board games to play with zelda. we are making up our own rules and sometimes only playing with a portion of the game to make it age appropriate in a way that challenges her, but let’s her have success as well. she really likes playing games and we have been surprised with how well she has been at taking turns and staying focused on the game. today zelda kept asking for more and more games. in all we played five games in a row and she was still asking for more when we stopped for lunch.

zzaletel says:

In fact, a quick google popped up a picture of it – might pop up on Etsy from time to time –
the husband

Jeanelle says:

Just saw your home tour via Design Mom, you have a very lovely home 🙂 I just noticed in this post a counting board game picture (3rd picture), do you mind if I ask you where did you got it or the name of the game? Looks like a perfect board game to teach toddlers how to count.

meg says:

thanks for stopping by! my husband picked up the game at a garage sale. the name of the game is number sorter by creative playthings. it’s definitely old, from 1968 or 69, so we watch closely to make sure she doesn’t put the pieces in her mouth since we’re unsure what they are made of.