halloween part 1 – trick or treat street


IMGP0425-1600.JPGIMGP0449-1600.JPGon saturday, we went to trick or treat street like we have in years past. this year we went with some friends and their almost one year old to celebrate their first halloween together. zelda’s bath costume was a hit! not only did she love it and love wearing it, it seemed quite popular with everyone who saw it. zelda was asked by many if they could take her picture, which she happily obliged. we were very proud of zelda and her costume because she decided what she wanted to be – a bath. it’s great that we were able to get her to tell us and then execute something she loved so much.
IMGP0446-1600.JPGIMGP0443-1600.JPGIMGP0428-1600.JPGIMGP0431-1600.JPGzelda while happy in her own costume, was enamored with the variety and number of tutus (and dresses and skirts) to be seen about on other trick or treaters and the giant bear in front of the souvenir shop. IMGP0435-1600.JPG of course, we have halloween day/night still ahead so zelda will be wearing her costume once more to go to papa’s work party and then maybe for some trick or treating at the neighbors’ homes.