some stats and fun facts about zelda

we have taken over 3,000 pictures of zelda since she was born.
she can site read/recognize the following letters: z, r, e, o, i
zelda looks like a 3 year old and is certainly that big and strong.
she has amazing coordination and balance.
she has a cute mole on the bottom of her chin.
zelda has visited 11 states and 3 countries.
zelda likes to eat raw onions and lemons (and pretty much everything else she can get into her mouth).
zelda has had only one haircut.
she can identify and say the following colors: blue, purple, yellow, red, green, but still refuses to attempt to say orange because she has a sign for that color that she uses to both identify the color and get oranges to eat.
zelda can whistle.
she can match all of her letters using an alphabet puzzle.
she likes to sing and dance and swim and really likes to sing/listen to songs about swimming and monkeys.
zelda says cookie like cookie monster and when she wants cake she claps like when playing patty cake.
zelda is very good at animal sounds.
she does not mind really hot temperatures like summer in Iowa or being in Belize or really cold temperatures even when her hands are bright red from the cold.
zelda loves to be outside, rain, snow or shine.
zelda is a textbook toddler. she is fun, funny, challenging and very independent, but still loves to cuddle and snuggle her mama and papa, the perfect balance.

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