potty training

8278021139_01be1c3fe1_h-1600 yep, we are in the throws of potty training. zelda has been interested for a while, but now she has the ability to get her pants and diaper off and sometimes tell us before she has to go. we’re trying to keep some sort of routine around using her potties, before and after going to sleep or if we change clothes. so far she mainly likes her tiny potties, but does try the larger one from time to time. she’s also using the potty at daycare and loves those because they are miniature real toilets.
8315907484_394deb24dc_h-1600.jpg to help keep her motivated i shared this picture with her of mama learning to use the potty too.

Simone R. says:

Seeing your Zelda on the potty with a book brings back fond memories for me. Reading on the potty was a big help in getting my daughter potty trained when she was a child. The funny (often frustrating) thing is, as she got older, she would spend way too much time in the bathroom reading, while there could be a line forming up outside. She’s 20 now, and that still hasn’t changed! 🙂 Good luck with Zelda.