making our world go ’round

we lucked out and had a four day weekend for our labor day weekend. here are the highlights of a good weekend:

cooking lots from this cook book.

putting new beads in zelda’s hair – circles and squares.

zach was our head butcher and one of our chickens ended up in the stew pot. she was a tough old bird, but that isn’t necessarily what you want in a chicken that you’re going to eat. next time we cook up one of our chickens we either need to decide to do so when its younger or plan a recipe where it can stew all day.

watching this little friendship bloom. these two are the cutest together and before never really played much together when our families would get together. we hold this family very dear as they were some of the first friends we made when we moved here. watching these kids love each other is really special.

all that new friendship took place sunday up in hatcher’s pass where we spent a beautiful, but soggy day.

winter crops are planted and a cover is on the greenhouse. however, we’re having some pretty strong winds so we’ll see if it lasts.

some serious puddle splashing that resulted in needing a bath and a change of clothes.

checking out the new playground across the street.

some baking with our own rhubarb. after finding our large plant didn’t make it this year we put in three smaller plants. each has produced some, but the one in the back yard looks like it may grow up to be a big producer like we’ve had in year’s past. first zach and zelda made this rhubarb bread and then we made a rhubarb pear blackberry pie on monday.

and finally, learning our really good friends welcomed a baby boy on august 31st. it will be nice to have a baby to snuggle soon.

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