2 year checkup

yesterday z has her annual check up.  she is healthy and as big as an ox.  she weighed in at 32.2 lbs (97%), measured 37.25 in (99%).  for as big as she is, she is completely proportional.  on the developmental side she is a-okay and thriving just as she should.  zelda was complemented by the dr. on how nice her teeth are.  we owe papa some credit there as he helps zelda brush every night before bed.


today and tomorrow zelda and i are hanging out together as her day care is closed for a holiday.  so far this morning we’ve colored balloons, danced with balloons, larry has had a bath and a book and zelda got a second breakfast of waffles with strawberries with whipped cream.  now z is napping and while that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, i have some work and homework to do, not to mention a yard project that’s calling since there’s a break in the rain right now.

here is zelda this morning working on some balloon moves in front of the mirror and pretend playing along with the music before getting distracted by tasting the sequins on her tutu.

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