we survived


the first week of daycare was a success.  zelda looked almost this happy today when i picked her up, although i think we are all a little more tired than normal with an earlier start and a later nap time for zelda, but overall it was a success.  i feel like i made the most of the free time i have when zelda comes home and naps.  i have organized and put into storage all of my fabric and sewing notions, recovered a chair and my closet office is near completion and will be ready in plenty of time for me to start school at the end of the month.

once zach makes it home this evening we get to begin a three day weekend together.  we have lots of projects slated for the next three weekends and are prepared to do all or parts of any of them depending on the weather and availability of materials.  the  most pressing projects are a roof for the greenhouse, a replacement third garden bed inside the greenhouse (those old dresser bodies are giving out after two years) so we can plant our winter garden before the end of august and finally a new floor in the  family room.  the carpet is already up and out of the family room so it merely a matter of getting the supplies and laying the new floor.  we’re going to lay a floor similar to what we put in zelda’s room.

of course all this hard work will need to be fueled by tasty food.  i’ve selected four recipes that should at least get us started and let us continue to eat through the veggies we currently have growing.  on the menu are: spiral ricotta pie, caribbean jerk salmon tostadas, fresh rolls with basil, kale, avocado and spicy garlic peanut sauce and moroccan roasted garlic pesto pizza.

free hair friday will be on hold this week as we hope zelda’s hair lasts through the weekend since we have so many other things we’d like to do instead of hair.

we’ll leave you for the start of our weekend with some pictures we took, including zelda, last week during a quick trip to manitou springs while the family was still gathered in denver for austin and bradie’s wedding.  have a wonderful weekend!

IMGP9154-1600.JPG IMGP9161-1600.JPGIMGP9175-1600.JPG








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