planning for another big event

z 2nd bday invite.jpg

now that austin and bradie’s wedding is over, we are shifting our attention to little z’s upcoming second birthday party.  it’s hard to believe that in a little over a month, we’ll have a full fledged two year old on our hands.  that said, although not quite yet two, zelda has been feeling her twos for a while, asserting her independence and generally being a wily toddler.  but, before we celebrate next month, we have one last big change taking place around here.  on monday zelda starts daycare in the mornings.  it will be good for her to have an opportunity to play and socialize with more kids.  she and i will still spend the afternoons together, so i think it will be the best of both worlds, play with her new friends in the morning and hang with mama in the afternoon and then excitedly greet papa in the evenings when he’s home from work.

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