Photographer Zelda, reporting for duty


As you may recall this photo from a post while back, Zelda has taken quite a liking to photographic tools, coming up and beseeching us with a “click-click” of her tongue to use one of the cameras (when she asks, that is).  Fortunately, we have a couple of older cameras sitting in drawers around the house for her to try out.  Some of them are the perfect size, (the old candy-bar Sony U20), but if only the lens weren’t exactly where her fingers sit when holding the camera.  Others, like our Pentax K-r in the photo above, are ones that we probably don’t want her banging around with too much.  Fortunately, there’s our old Sony H1 which has a bit of the best of both worlds, a nice big screen and larger body like the Pentax, but old enough that we don’t have to worry too much about any accidental damage (a big, protective plastic tube where the lens sits also helps a bunch).

Here’s a few of her shots with all of the cameras mentioned above, in no particular order, for your enjoyment.








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