new schedules



today zelda started daycare.  she’ll be going each morning from 7:30 until 1:00.  as far as i can tell after one day she loves it.  also as far as i can tell she was her usual busy self.  what this means for me is now i work at the office while she is in daycare before i pick her up and not from home, or at least that’s the plan, that leaves me with is at least an hour, possibly up to three when we get home, of free time while zelda naps.  what to do with myself?  i can think of a lot of things and mostly what i don’t want to do, which is waste the time on the computer.  so today will be the start of a new challenge to use my free time in ways that i find fulfilling.  for today, i think i’ll finish decorating and organizing my closet turned office (i’ll post on that later) that i started over the weekend and maybe get the bike trainer set up for a ride during tomorrow’s nap (fingers crossed).   i also need to find a lost library book.  i’m sure its around here somewhere.  if those small tasks get completed before zelda wakes up, i think i’ll be off to a good start.

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