old pictures

20130723-131042.jpgmy grandma passed away yesterday. both my sister and i have dug into our pictures to share with each other and make sure they are preserved and shared amongst ourselves when we meet up next week in denver. while sad, i enjoyed looking at these photos and remembering.

since moving to alaska i didn’t see her as often as i would have liked, but as a child i remember spending almost every weekend at my grandparents house.

here are some of the pictures i found squirreled away in a box. nothing like an unexpected loss to remind you of the significance of these old photos. i’ll definitely be getting these and the others into proper albums as soon as possible and hopefully revisiting these memories a little more often.20130723-131115.jpg20130723-131046.jpg20130723-131052.jpg20130723-131058.jpg20130723-131103.jpg20130723-131108.jpg20130723-131121.jpg



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