making our world go ’round

a successful dipnetting trip with 37 fish netted by zach.  zelda even got in on the cleaning action, sitting on my back and watching over my shoulder.  zelda’s comment when seeing me pull the guts from a fish “yum!”  as you can see there’s nothing glamourous about dipnetting.  unattractive waders and being covered in guts.  zelda stayed mostly above the fray, but did manage to eat and get sand everywhere.

cake, cake and more cake!


practice cakes for this weekend’s wedding

taken by zelda

taken by zelda


late night work on last weekend’s wedding cakes


how we transported the cakes. the large cake weighed a ton, may 50-70 pounds? i know there’s about 30 pounds of icing on the cake.


final set up of last weekend’s wedding cakes.

garden in full bloom and a vegetable garden that is outgrowing the beds.


our leaning tower of delphinium.


the end of the blooms on our potted succulent.

zelda as great and silly as ever.  she’s a lot of fun right now.  she’s also a handful right now.  guess the two go hand in hand.


zelda is obsessed with driving and cars right now. ever time we see a motorized vehicle of any type its “vroom vroom.”



being silly after a bath in what we call her old man pants. she pulls them way up over her belly.

we are off to denver tonight for zach’s brother’s wedding this weekend.  we are making 5, yes 5, wedding cakes.  most of the cakes are baked and packed safely in a fish box for transport.  keep your fingers crossed this works.  otherwise it will be a frantic week of baking cakes at high altitude no less.   in addition to zach’s whole clan, i’m also excited that my sister and her family will be able to come and join us.  while we were originally planning to visit our grandmother, at least we can still see each other.

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