You take the good…

Exciting start to father’s day – Zelda wandered to the back bathroom and layed down. Meg, being astute, realized that Zelda wanted her diaper off, and sure enough, Zelda hopped onto her potty and took care of business. She did, to the celebration of all around, and we put her in some bloomers to see if she’d repeat her success later in the day.

In came the bad, or at least the humorous. A while later, Meg was vacuuming in the house and zelda hopped onto the vacuum canister to ride around. Very quickly after, we had to grab a towel to clean up as our diaperless experiment quickly came to an end.

Even with the clean-up, brought a smile to my face on Father’s Day.

Meg’s addition – with temps hovering around and in the 80s this weekend, zelda got in some sprinkler time on friday and sunday.  here she’s perfecting a technique to get the water to drip from her hair to her nose and then into her mouth.  i know that the sprinkler time also brought smiles to papa’s face and maybe even a chuckle or two too.

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