last weekend in dallas


last friday, zach and zelda met me in dallas after my conference wrapped up in san antonio. zelda was born in dallas and her birth family is still there. the occasion? a chance to visit and zelda’s brother’s ninth birthday party! i think as far as zelda is concerned dallas is disneyland. there was lots of good food, people that paid lots of attention to her, especially her brother who she absolutely loves, cupcakes, a fountain, food trucks, lots of kids and slides. at the end of each day she was asleep in her car seat within 5 minutes of heading back to where we were staying.



for us it was a nice chance to catch up and exchange stories about zelda and other relatives. it’s nice to know who zelda resembles, where her vivacious personality comes from and to get as much information about her birth family as possible. we haven’t seen them in person since a little over a year ago, but we pick up the conversation like we talked yesterday. i love that we can give zelda these opportunities and i hope the next one isn’t another year away. i’m sure as zelda gets older she’ll be clamoring to bring her brother and everyone up to alaska to show them around.











speaking of family, this was the best group shot we managed to get while visiting in denver at the beginning of the month. that weekend was so frenetic and wonderful with lots of pictures taken that we’re working on a slide show of the pictures that we hope to post by the weekend.


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