free hair friday – father’s day weekend edition

IMGP6579-1600.JPG in preparation for father’s day on sunday, zelda made her gift for papa on thursday. unfortunately papa sort of spoiled the surprise or i didn’t do a very good job in keeping the secret because papa found the pictures i took of zelda making the gift on the camera. so we thought what the heck and gave him the present zelda made early. of course after painting means bath time.
IMGP6609-1600.JPG following zelda’s bath, i stretched her hair a bit and plaited the bottom. we are working on getting the biggest afro possible for sunday. we plan to show papa big love with big hair.
IMGP6598-1600.JPG for today to keep her hair clean and to continue to stretch it, i rolled it into a faux pompadour in front and around and just pinned it in place. it took all of five minutes and looks cute, which is my favorite kind of style right now since we’d rather be outside than inside doing hair, plus there are new pretend glasses to play with too.

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