weekend mashup

despite the snow, which continued to fall and accumulate through saturday, we had a great weekend. friday was dinner with friends where we ate these delicious tacos, had cake and pie (yep, both!) and played some games.

saturday was low key with the exception of going for a walk where we snagged a walking stick for zelda from the woods. it’s since been customized. 20130520-150030.jpg we also started in on yarn extensions and beads for zelda, which necessitated a late-ish run to get more beads. pop zelda in her pjs when it gets close to bed time and she’s happy to go wherever.
20130520-150302.jpg sunday was sunny and like the snow never fell. the kids’ garden, which was planted, survived. the rest of the plants spent some time outside to begin the process of hardening them off again. we also worked on zelda’s hair some more, plus took lots of breaks for a walk and bike ride. actually, the hair didn’t get finished until this afternoon. i really hope this holds until our trip to dallas in early june, or at least until we meet up in dallas since i’ll be away the week before for work and papa will be on his own with little z (and all her hair).
20130520-150200.jpg and going back a little farther in time, here are some cute pictures of zelda taking darby for a walk last week.
Photo May 14, 7 24 10 PM.jpgPhoto May 14, 7 26 12 PM.jpg
also, in case you haven’t looked in a while, flickr updated its layout.  i like how you can view lots of photos on a single page.  it’s pretty close to flipping through a photo album.  here’s where you can find me and zach if you want to check it out.

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