summer arrived



while we were in denver, summer arrived to anchorage. so much so, lots of my plants got scorched by the heat, especially those i left on the south side of the house. good news is it was enough sun and heat to get the north side, which is the front of the house to green up. also, its going to stay warm so all of our plants are now outside. it’s a good thing since this little bird was getting lonely.20130529-164718.jpg


zelda helped with some yard clean up today, but since she was away from larry over the weekend, that really meant caring him around and watching what i was doing.


and taking a little time to draw some pictures on the sidewalk.


and sweep, with not one, but two brooms.


notice the blue line at the end of the driveway? it’s my attempt to try to keep zelda from leaving the yard. let’s just say after day one of trying it, we have more work to do and i’m thankful we live on a quiet street. 20130529-164815.jpg

i didn’t get much done in the back today except watering, looking for survivors from the winter and super hot weekend (sadly there aren’t as many as we hoped for and our rhubarb didn’t make it) and putting the umbrella up on the deck. once the umbrella goes up, it’s officially summer.20130529-164824.jpg


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