living with kids

8034681705_fa59c21cc9_b.jpg today our family and home are featured over on design mom as part of her living with kids series. we shared different pictures of our family and home and talked about all kinds of things related to creating a home, adoption and living in alaska.
7982746148_28af473648_z.jpg i love the design mom site. i check it daily. gabrielle, aka design mom, has a great sense of style, plus she lives in the french country side with six kids and does so stylishly. there’s no way not to be inspired. if you get a chance, go check out our little feature. also, if you want to get in on more of gabrielle’s great style, check out her pinterest. i know i repin a lot from her.
8034725114_643aac6445_b.jpg if you’re visiting from design mom, welcome. take a look around, get comfortable and enjoy.
7979989381_c56f28b537_b.jpg ps – the pictures are from our trip to france last fall and have nothing to do with this post except that gabrielle currently lives there. but hey, what’s not to love about pictures of france and a freshly minted one year old zelda.

Whitney says:

Hello- I read your Living with Kids on Design Mom. I so appreciated your sentiments towards open adoption. It’s always nice to come across someone else who “gets it.”My husband and I adopted our little girly, too. She was born just a few weeks before we were to leave on our vacation to New Zealand that we’d been planning for months. I can appreciate your delayed vacation to France πŸ™‚ Gorgeous home. Gorgeous family. Thanks for sharing!

Olusola says:

Your little Ms Zelda is all kinds of adorable. πŸ™‚