free hair friday – midweek edition

20130515-155118.jpg the braids from belize were overdue to be removed, especially when zelda decided to add a handful of pine shavings to her head when we were tending to the baby chicks the other day. who knew it would take four times as long to remove the braids as it took to put them in. it was unbelizeable (ha!, we heard that a lot in belize). good news is watching anita put in zelda’s beads was a good lesson for me and now i can get them to stay in without doing yarn extensions – huge time saver.
20130515-155150.jpg for our week or half week’s style we put in four flat rope twists using zig zag parts (papa likes these) and then added some beads because zelda asked for them and i wanted to try out anita’s technique. if this style holds and i think it will, it will probably be put in regular rotation since it was easy to do and the final result looks nice.
20130515-155205.jpgand in case you couldn’t tell i got a new photo app and i’m giving it a spin. its a fun way to edit photos on my phone.

Lesley says:

I am visiting your site for the first time (got here through Design Mom) and I love this post! Zelda is a doll and I love your weekly feature of her hair. its too wonderful not to give it the attention it deserves! My daughter has a lot of hair as well (she’s 10 months old) but Zelda takes the cake. What a cutie pie. I look forward to visiting your blog regularly. Thank you!

meg says:

thanks! her papa has been envious of her hair since the day she was born! but i must admit, i’m envious too. it’s a lot of hair, but so soft and fun.

Rebecca says:

Oh wow her hair is amazing! Is it right to hair hair envy of such a cute little buba x