burrell boom

20130501-133921.jpgburrell boom is the town we stayed in (since by the time this posts we’ll have started our journey home). it’s tiny, as you can see from the map above, with about 1000 folks located 30 miles west of belize city.

after we got settled on saturday we took a walking tour. best part was finding a roadside food stand selling bbq chicken lunches with rice and beans, coleslaw and a big tortilla. the tortillas here are very good. a cross between a flour tortilla in the states and naan. i’ve managed to have several since.
we went walking through again on tuesday afternoon. everyone on the streets greeted us and has been super friendly. folks often asked if we were doing ok or where we were headed. of course, we got lots of double takes and “oh there’s a baby” when people finally saw that zelda was on my back, which isn’t always obvious from the front. once noticed zelda would always wave at passersby and get lots of waves and smiles in return.




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