birds in belize

on wednesday we got up before the sun to head out on a bird watching tour at crooked tree wildlife sanctuary. while we were having good luck spotting and identifying birds with the guide we brought, the tour was awesome.

we went out on spanish creek with a wonderful guide. being on the water was nice on a super hot day and we saw several birds and crocodiles we hadn’t seen before. there’s a picture of the running list of birds we spot so we can remember them later.

capturing pictures of birds with my iPhone is tough. you may spot them, but i primarily took photos and videos to capture the scenery. you can see the bird pictures and more belize pictures karen took here. 20130501-135733.jpg20130501-135741.jpg20130501-135757.jpg20130501-135811.jpg20130501-135827.jpg20130501-140303.jpg


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