baby chicks!

20130508-102734.jpg this morning we had 10 baby chicks arrive in the mail. they are installed in the garage in a plastic tub with a heat lamp, some food and water. zelda was kind enough to share some of her dishes until we can get a proper set up in place. needless to say zelda is in love with baby chicks already.
20130508-102741.jpg20130508-102750.jpg20130508-102758.jpg20130508-102810.jpg20130508-102819.jpg20130508-102715.jpgsorry for the blurry pics, but these little ones are quick and wiggly.
also the ladies are back outside enjoying the sun completely oblivious to what will soon be their expanded flock. 20130508-122734.jpg
update: the chicks are now properly outfitted. they even have a little makeshift roof to hold the heat into their corral.


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