afternoon cake date

20130522-155852.jpg i made this cake last night to take to work for a very generous intern who has volunteered for months at my office. at a minimum she should get cake before she leaves us on friday. since i had to leave her farewell lunch just as the cake was being cut to come and take care of zelda, i grabbed two slices to go for a little cake date with zelda this afternoon after our bike ride.
we got off to a bit of a rocky start when the topping fell of zelda’s cake. i’ve never seen someone so upset at being given cake or a forkful of frosting.IMGP5628-1600.JPG
but once she got a taste, the tide turned and she happily set to eating her special treat as the tears dried on her cheeks. IMGP5639-1600.JPGIMGP5648-1600.JPG
the cake was very tasty, so much so, zelda managed to finish my last bite for me. she’s always very helpful that way. IMGP5650-1600.JPGIMGP5666-1600.JPG
to cap off our little cake date, zelda tried out a new milk drinking technique. IMGP5682-1600.JPGIMGP5684-1600.JPGwhat a delicious afternoon!

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