pudding and hair



thankfully the two weren’t combined too much. zelda had a great time during dessert the other night sampling a little chocolate ganache and lemon curd for the macarons we made last weekend.

also in lieu of free hair friday, we have whatever the opposite of that would be. zelda wore her hair mostly free all week, so last night we started the process of putting in yarn extensions and beads. many hours later with many breaks for zelda and three broken beaders, some hot chocolate, which is what’s all over her shirt in the pictures, a new to her toy, papa’s help and lots of episodes of curious george, we’re done. whew! zelda is down for a nap, which doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. we’re hoping these last at least two weeks if not three. i think we can all use a long break from doing hair.








zach caught some great pics of this long process by setting the camera up to snap a pic every thirty seconds. we did this at christmas and it’s a great way to capture what’s happening without it being intrusive or occupying much needed extra hands.

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